Exercise and Household Chores

Working out doesn’t have to happen at a special time or in the gym. It can happen in the midst of daily chores! Again, another way to add fitness in without adding more to your to-do list. Some simple things can help you focus more on the movement and exercise rather than chores being categorized as daily living activities.

First, to be exercise we’ve got to have some overload. That could be as simple as making sure you carry in more groceries at one time or more complicated like scrubbing the kitchen floor on your hands and knees while making sure to reach one arm and the opposite leg out for more intense core work.

Second, the key is to get creative and follow proper lifting techniques so you don’t hurt yourself while vacuuming. The injury could be the same, but the story won’t be as cool if you have to say you were cleaning house rather than performing your biggest lift to date!

A little playfulness goes a long way to figuring out how many steps you can take, how to get more overload (maybe ankle weights or a weighted vest. Also helps to use longer levers – stretch your arm all the way out to lift the gallon of milk). I have found that the challenge of getting a step, calorie, or muscle strength goal makes cleaning MUCH more fun. See how playful you can get with the idea over the next week and see if you have more fun completing repetitive chores, too.

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