Overcoming Plateaus:

Plateaus happen. Most of us get pretty frustrated when we’ve been moving toward our goals, making progress, rewarding ourselves, and feeling good about our choices. Then all the sudden it stops and we feel stuck. Know that this is a normal process in change.

The body is made to adapt and become efficient. As animals we are designed to conserve energy when possible just in case we’ll need it down the road, not expend it because we want to look differently. This is where cycling your workouts becomes important. We want the body to adapt and to become more efficient however we don’t want it to become too comfortable. A great tracker can help make sure you are working out … not just working.

See the last fitness posting on ideas about cycling your workouts, know that plateaus happen, they are showing positive change in the systems of the body, and that your job is to shake them up again!

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