Proprioceptors and practicing Balance. The Importance of Functional Movement:

How we sense our body in space is call proprioception. We also have extroception (where am I in relation to the external world/things), and introception (what are the micro movements and sensations in my body I am aware of). All are forms of intelligence and all help us “know” our world through experience.

Where your body is in space is called kinesthetic awareness. This form of intelligence helps you move with efficiency and safety. Some of us have it better than others – think coordination and grace. To test yours – quickly put your arms out parallel to the floor. Notice – are your arms straight out from the shoulders? Are they really parallel to the floor? Are your wrists cocked or straight? Notice where you sense the movement from.

Now stand on one foot and notice how and where your body shifts. These are often micro movements and include mini adjustments based on your body’s sense of where it is in space and where it’s need to go. Balance is learned. Many of us don’t remember learning to walk however we did learn how to hold our body in space.

As we age the less we move … then the less we move. This negative cycle creates all sorts of problems in the body. People move less and then begin to fear moving because they begin to lose balance.

Today practice using these forms of intelligence by checking into your physical sensations and space using mindful awareness via a moment to pause. Set an alarm for random times throughout the day. When it goes off, notice how you are holding the body, micro movements, and where you are in space.

Personal trainer friends & those who want to make sure your trainer knows how to deal with your anxiety, depression, trauma getting in your way of losing weight and being successful in your health goals. HELP!!!

I’m looking for help determining what areas to focus on for an upcoming article series.

Please let me know what mental health areas are most concerning to you. I want to focus the series on information that’s helpful for you.

Borderline Personality Disorder gets a lot of negative press. Yet underlying this very destructive and sometimes lethal disorder are very basic human needs of connection, validation, and attachment

If you feel like you are struggling to feel validated and connected check out this post I wrote after I experience the loss of 2 people to suicide in one week. There are ways we can help each other.

And a great list to help bring awareness to the struggle folks with this disorder have:

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What Does Clean Living Mean to You? 

This was a contest I entered on Instagram. 

I thought it posed an interesting question that lead to simple or complex answers. It made me think beyond the New Year’s detox diets, breaking up with sugar rules, and weight loss desires. 

My answer included all aspects of my life, my food & beverages, my exercise habits – do I train too hard? Too light?  Not enough? Too much? The things I let into my awareness  – news, music, people, TV, photos, etc, and the concept of who I want to be. All these role together to create my concept of clean living. 

Check out my response below & visit the two health coaches who sponsored the program on Instagram – Sarah Teddy Klein @wholehealthlab and Karen Wojciechowski @realenergyfood #wholecleanliving

Here was my response… 

Clean living is about burning away all the choices that clog you up. Living clean is about staying grounded enough to be open to the possibilities that cross your path. 

One cannot do that without feeling well. For me to feel well and remain open I must be vigilant about my daily movement, my food, my spaces, and my social times. 

I must honor myself in each choice doing just what is needed to move me in the direction I want to go. Doing too much will clog me up, doing too little will clog the path. 

To remain clean I must focus on the pleasure of treating my mind, my body, my heart, and my soul well. It starts simply with movement and is followed by what I allow in. Will this food item, news report, musical song, person help or hinder me? 

Then I must choose wisely, burn away all that is no longer serving me, let go of all I no longer need, and live fully into the moment right in front of me. That is clean living.