Services and Pricing

Are you ready to make changes in your life? In my training practice, I currently see clients interested in using physical movement to create a healthy lifestyle. I have spent over 20 years teaching group exercise, 20 years personal training, and almost a decade in clinical psychotherapy practice (PhD in clinical and somatic psychology).

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My Clients

I work with individuals who are struggling to make healthy lifestyle changes stick for whatever reason. I have experience working with obesity, eating disorders, addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and ADHD. I have spent time working with individuals whose life has changed as a result of an injury or life circumstance change (moving, new baby, new job, etc) that has created a need for a new way of being active.

I also work with individuals and small groups looking to create a mental edge to boost performance and take their training and accomplishments to the next level. If you are ready to crush your goals and need the mental mindset – I’m ready for the challenge when you are.

As a licensed clinical somatic psychologist, I am trained in Hakomi, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and addiction among others. I blend these interventions to help you reach your physical and mental health goals. See more on my education and training on the About Me page.

Psychology / Therapy 

I offer individual sessions, group therapy, and exercise based therapy options. Please contact me for more information on availability and pricing structure.

Personal Training and Group Exercise Instruction ~ 

The SuperiorWorkout is different than straight up personal training.

We combine concepts from a variety of healing modalities to create the workout that is perfect for what you need right now. It’s more than looking at exercise science and more than just psychology.

We work to find the balance your life needs using a focused approach examining psychology, exercise science, nutrition, and social engagement concepts (i.e. your relationships: work life, home life, and friendships) to create the best you possible using movement as your foundation for your most healthy self yet.

All training packages begin with a free 10 minute consultation call (phone or skype). During this time we discuss your goals, desired health outcome, and you have a chance to ask all the questions you need to. From there we determine next steps and set up your personal plan of action.

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Training Packages:

Individual Sessions: $150/hour ~ In person or via Skype

1 Month Package: $800/Month ~ Includes 4 – 1 hour in person or Skype sessions and 4 – 20 minute email/phone check ins per week. This package includes a 15% discount on workshops I do.

Quarterly Package: $2400/ 3 months – Includes 12 – 1 hour in person or Skype sessions and 12 – 20 minute email/phone check ins per week. This package includes a 20% discount on workshops I do.

Workshops: Cost dependent on topic and length. Throughout the year I offer both online and in person workshops. A variety of topics are covered. If you have something you’d like to learn more about please let me know. I work to base the topics off client needs and ideas.

I am also a licensed clinical psychologist and am able to bill a variety of health insurance companies for psychotherapy. If your health goal relates to psychological distress I may be able to work with you through my psychology practice. See for more details on therapy services. 

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