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I am glad you are here. I hope you spend some time, look around, find something that inspires you. Everyday I look for things that inspire me. I hope I can help you find a bit of your own inspiration.

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A mother of 3, wife, dog owner – I love living a full embodied life. What’s that mean you say? It means living with vibrancy, authenticity, and balance in each day, everyday. It means practicing the art of balance by taking care of each area listed below. It means practicing gratitude and grace in moments when I feel Ike I’m going to lose it. It means deeply and fully, using vulnerability to create connections that matter.

What I do …

  • Therapy

I blend psychology with physical exercises for whole-person healing and utilize  non-medical (Somatic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Social) approaches to mental and physical health issues. My goal for you is to feel more grounded, empowered and inspired to live your live motivated and balanced everyday.

  • Wellness Coaching

Often, people are looking to make a change, need help adhering to a new, healthier behavior, want a physical program to compliment mental health treatment, or are looking to take their fitness performance to the next level. Wellness coaching can make the difference.

  • Personal Development and Growth Strategies

Where do you want to go? Through analysis of your current behaviors, we can incorporate changes that support the life you want to lead, not the one you were handed. To do this, we set concrete goals, develop strategies to reach those goals and establish timelines to track your progress.

Why I do what I do …

My mission is to help you see the beauty that lies within. I want you to be inspired everyday. I work to help you find balance in your daily life, allowing you to become the best version of yourself.

By healing past wounds we embrace the core of who we are and who we want to be. Using a variety of modalities, I work to inspire you on your personal journey. This work allows you to take control of your life, empowering you to be fearless as you embrace your path. No matter what you are dealing with, there is always an option – out or around it.

Next steps … 

Contact me today and take the first step toward health, wellness, healing old wounds, and becoming the best you can be.

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