About Me

This is my attempt at creating the balance I promote for others, in my own life. Having a place clients can check in while I’m not in the office allows me a wide reach to those looking for support, balance, and flow in their own lives when I am not available in person, online, or over the phone.


Stacy Reuille-Dupont, PhD, C-PFT is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Colorado. Her current clinical practice (with Axis Health System in Durango, Colorado) looks at the impacts of physical exercise on trauma symptoms. Her research interests include how the endocrine system, specifically the HPA-axis is impacted by both trauma and physical exercise and how physical activity may work to address both psychosocial and physical co-occurring symptoms in those suffering from trauma related symptoms. Many who suffer from trauma experiences also suffer from co-occurring health disorders like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes management. Research has repeatedly shown those with mental health illnesses die on average 25 years earlier than their mentally healthy counterparts and co-occurring disorders play a role.

As a student of somatic psychology and the effects of trauma, she explores how we develop relationship with ourselves, others, spaces, and create a sense of balance in our lives using movement and mindfulness.  Stacy is a graduate of the Hakomi Comprehensive Program, trained in EMDR, and skilled in Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy methods, among others. She blends these to create individualized programs that include exercise, diet, and positive copings skills to address a variety of mental health concerns.

She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology/Somatic Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin – Superior, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. She is a professional member of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP) and can be found in their clinician directory. Stacy is an AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. Through AFAA’s PFT Certification she taught and certified new Personal Trainers for 9 years and continues to look for ways to help personal trainers meet the diverse needs of their clients by addressing mental health issues that arise on the fitness center floor.

Stacy is the founder of SuperiorWorkout.com, a website designed to keep you moving toward your fitness goals. Formerly, a fitness center owner (Superior Balance, Inc) and weekly Health and Fitness Columnist in The Daily Telegram of Superior, WI, Stacy is the founder and former board chair of Superior-Douglas County Fit Cities Initiative bringing activity to the community in a grass roots campaign to get people moving. She has taught health related classes in a variety of settings, worked in the fitness industry for more than 20 years in a variety of capacities, and she has been a speaker at various forums, workshops, and conferences on a variety of wellness topics.

More at SuperiorWorkout.com & SuperiorBalance.com  where I work with clients interested in finding their best mental and physical balance through health coaching or right here where she blogs about psychology, trauma, and physical exercise.