To all my running friends and all my non-running friends – this is an inspiring podcast on creating the life you want using movement to express yourself, calm, and connect. It happens to be focused on running, however you could substitute all sorts of physical activity.

The big take away for me was – Remember to use your body as your spiritual source. Get embodied in your activities and experience them deeply and thoroughly. This is the place of being Alive.


Superior Balance

Hey Superior Balance friends look what I found! Jeff and I are planning to be in Superior and thought it would be nice to reconnect with folks from the club. We’ll be at Tavern 105 (61st & Tower) July 28th at 6:30pm. Please pass this along to others I don’t have on my facebook who might like to join us and re-connect after 10 years.

Checkout the pictures I found:

22 push-ups to start your conference breakout session! WTF!?!??!

The session starts just like all the others – you settle in, getting ready to take notes, not making eye contact with too many people, staking your energetic space, and wondering if you’ll have to pee 1/2 through “am I close enough to the door?”

When the door closes, I decide I am close enough to the door to pee if I need to and I relax into anticipatory excitement to learn. Then Chris begins to explain how he starts all his groups. WAIT!? Did I hear him right? In my business clothes, at a criminal justice conference, he’s going to have me do 22 push ups? In unison, with a group countdown! 

Gotta love it when the presenter of your session is a USMC vet and a Crossfit gym owner!

Thank you Chris Cater of Veterans Overcoming Obstacles for making sure my body was warmer than the room’s air conditioner AND that my mind was ready to learn. Love hearing stories of exercise as a healing agent for mental health, PTSD, and stopping death by suicide. Thank you for your great work!!!

Want more info on this great program and meet these tough athletes, visit VO2 and see how this program is saving the lives of our veterans everyday. Gotta love the power of exercise to heal our mind.

Want more info on exercise and mental health? Check out these posts on exercise and mental health, what do physical sensations have to teach us, or my recent post on suicide.

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What will you plant, water, and grow? It’s amazing how many of us want life to be different, yet continue to maintain the same patterns that got us where we are today. The power of the mind is great. When you shift your attention, your focus, your perception of what you see, what is available to you, and where you are going you set patterns for something new to arrive in your life. Where you put your attention is what will arrive. Are you ready to really move in a new direction? If so then it’s time to think differently about your path.

Personal trainer friends & those who want to make sure your trainer knows how to deal with your anxiety, depression, trauma getting in your way of losing weight and being successful in your health goals. HELP!!!

I’m looking for help determining what areas to focus on for an upcoming article series.

Please let me know what mental health areas are most concerning to you. I want to focus the series on information that’s helpful for you.

Borderline Personality Disorder gets a lot of negative press. Yet underlying this very destructive and sometimes lethal disorder are very basic human needs of connection, validation, and attachment

If you feel like you are struggling to feel validated and connected check out this post I wrote after I experience the loss of 2 people to suicide in one week. There are ways we can help each other.

And a great list to help bring awareness to the struggle folks with this disorder have:

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How many of us wait so long to “be healed” by another? Often we want to feel better “right now” so we impulsively act – use substances, sex, shopping, perfection – in service of not feeling the painful parts of our history, which when not healed create painful new experiences to reinforce the old belief. So it must be true!

This little visual is so true ( ) – only you can do the work of healing what you need healed in your heart.

It might take healthy relationships for practice, groups you feel authentically supported in, effort to really change your behavior, and honest reflection and acceptance of your own role in your own demise. Tough stuff.

Healing psychological wounds is hard work. A lot of people never attempt. They spend life blaming others for their problems, projecting their personal pain through judging, staying safe by creating an “us vs. them” mentality, and never challenge their own thoughts and behaviors.

If you choose to embark on the bigger challenge of becoming whole, those efforts pay off … you no longer have a gaping, bleeding wound, festering with the infection of what was. Instead, you have a scar. One that tells a story of your history, richness of character, and offers insight into why you are the person you are today. In complete fashion … whole.

Do the work… if you want – Look around your life:

Where are you behaving, judging, or thinking that something is wrong with you, another, a situation?

What are your emotions when you think about this situation?

Break them down further- If you weren’t feeling emotion X right now, what other emotion might you be feeling? (Do this until your emotions are individually clear & you have an accurate sense of what information the emotion is giving you about you, the other, the situation). Emotions are intelligence, here to give us guidance, however many use them as fact. Let go of them as fact. Refer back to older posts about emotions for more insight on using emotion effectively.

What are your beliefs about this situation?

Is this a belief that seems to thread through other events in your life?

How can you re-word this belief to create a new version that takes into account your role in the situation (e.g. I’m doing the best I can given my current circumstances).

Now add re-wording around your thoughts (I am good enough just as I am. I am doing my best to make the right choices for my goal in this moment).

Let these new thoughts drive your action. What behaviors best support the person you want to be? Is what you are doing right now moving you closer to your goal? If not, what behavior would? Are you willing to do it? If not, why not?

All these questions are in service of helping refine your vision of who and how you want to be in the world. If they are overwhelming or emotions you aren’t clear and continue to get in your way – that’s a good sign it’s time for some therapy. AND remember – everyone, I mean everyone deserves therapy! Time to talk to someone trained to deeply listen, reflect your authenticity, and non-biased in your life – just writing it makes me want it! Therapy is an amazing way to explore who you are on the path to who you want to become.