Movement is Expression of the Soul

Have you ever finished a hard physical activity and savored the physical sensations in your body? The tired muscles, the satisfied feeling of accomplishment, the mental clarity of being fully present to your experience in the moment?

This is spirituality in action. The body is the vehicle for the soul’s expression. Movement is the language. We are made to move. The body and mind need movement to form clarity in our being. We want to ground our experiences in physicality so we better understand them in their entirety. If we can find a movement, gesture, sound, or other form for our experience it becomes more concrete.

Grounding our experiences in physical movement allows us to express ourselves more fully. We tend to follow through on goals better if we have written them down. We tend to remember details more clearly when we have jotted down a note or spoken them out loud (writing and speaking are movement). Studying becomes easier if we pair it with movement, we remember better. This is because our learning is anchored in our doing. It offers another pathway to wire knowledge inside our brains.

Movement helps us do. Movement helps us take the abstract concept of being and make it real by showing the concept in our physical bodies. When we finish a physical task we can see the product or accomplishment and feel the good feelings associated with doing something. This gives us a concrete example of our strength. Today I saw mine as I stopped to rest my tired legs on my ski poles. I looked up and back over the powdery mogul field I had finished traversing and felt pride I made it as far as I did.It is a hard task for me and the challenge both physically and mentally left me soaring with positive moods the rest of the day.

We can make inferences about people based on posture, physical stature of their bodies, and the way they move in the world. Often these inferences are accurate and help communicate important parts of our being to others. As a result we are more connected.

In many traditions we are represented to be parts of Goddess, God, Mother, Father, etc. If these claims are true our bodies are direct and unique expressions of the divine. And if that is true are you giving your divinity its due?

Today move your body with the goal of feeling fully embodied to give full expression of your soul, and honor your divine nature.

Photo Credit: Moguls under Legends Lift 8 at Purgatory. Durango, Colorado. Brave Ski Mom

Getting Back on The Fitness Wagon … Again

I fell off. I started getting zoned into doing everything but exercise. And what happened? I started to feel crappy. I had headaches, backaches, felt bloated, and tired. Here’s what I did.

First, I took a hard look at my schedule. What was I really doing during my waking hours? Was I spending my time doing things I wanted to do, or was I spending my time doing things I thought I had to do? Now the argument I have too much to do and I have to do it all doesn’t work so well for me. I usually find that I may think I have a ton to do but when I break it down into actual needs I can usually find things I can let go of.

It takes me time to change. I have to give myself space. Space to think about what my life will be like if I put this exercise activity on my to do list. It usually takes me about three weeks to implement a new behavior – longer if I beat myself up over it. So I have learned to start thinking like a fitness everyday person even if I am not. This allows me to prepare both myself and those around me for the changes I will need to make. I don’t exist in a vacuum so it is important for me to think through my schedule changes so I can better prepare my family and friends.

Finally, I have to follow through. So for all my analyzing and all my space honoring my timeline for change when it comes down to it – I have to do it. I am the one who puts on my workout shoes and gets the exercise done. And usually, I am much better for it!