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exercise and mood

Group running through the city

3 Ways to Give Your Body-Mind The Exercise it Needs

By Activities, Body, Mental Health, Mind, Physical Health, Somatic Psychology

Hello, I am Dr Stacy Reuille-Dupont. I was an exercise scientist who turned into a clinical psychologist when I realized being healthy was about more than working out. Now I study how your body is changed by thought and emotion and how thought and emotion impact our physical systems. Here are some of the ways mental and physical health impact each other and 3 ways you can use exercise to optimize your health.

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Stacy on the Relational Implicit​ Podcast

By Body, Somatic Psychology

In this conversation on the relational implicit podcast, Serge and I talk about a blending of disciplines – – specifically, using exercise science to bridge understanding in somatic psychology interventions. The goal is to bring together the science of the physical body with the science of the emotional body to go beyond symptom reduction and reconnect the self and body.


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