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Somatic Psychology

Woman Covering Her Face with Bed Sheet. Fear

Facing Fears and Dealing with Trauma

By Acceptance, Cultivating Calm, Mental Health, Somatic Psychology

We all have trauma. Some experiences are worse than others, some easier to deal with. For many we pretend we aren’t dealing with trauma and thus keep our survival brain operating instead of our socially engaged learning brain. This hurts us all and gets worse with time. Trauma impacts your physical health, relationships, and ability to be successful. Is it time you faced your fears and healed your trauma?

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Your Body Holds the Answers. Ordinary to Badass Podcast Interview.

By Body, Enlightenment, Goal Setting, Mental Health, Physical Health, Podcasts & Interviews, Somatic Psychology

Join Marie and I as we talk about how to manage social distancing and still feel connected during the COVID-19 outbreak, how to treat mental health with diet and exercise, and what it means to be the best you possible.If you haven’t heard her podcasts yet … check them out! She has amazing women talking about life and working to create the life they want to lead. I like to listen while I work out- these ladies are INSPIRING!! I always workout a little harder, thanks to their stories of hard work and success.

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