Enjoyable and Invaluable Skills 
You Can Learn Online at Any Age

Many people spend a good portion of their free time watching TV or mindlessly browsing the internet. But when you have an exciting and productive activity you can enjoy outside of work, you can finally feel like you’re using every second of your day to its fullest. Plus, learning something new or taking up a hobby can be great for one’s mental health.

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Guest Post: Justin Bennett from Healthy Fit Info

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Learning something new or picking up a hobby doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive process either. Fortunately, living in the tech age means that the foundations of almost any skill can be learned over the internet. Don’t know how you want to spend your time? Here are some ideas from therapist Stacy Reuille-Dupont.

Learn How to Make Music

Learning an instrument isn’t just an extracurricular activity for kids. Many adults discover their desire to play a certain instrument after hearing a piece of music that they really enjoyed. Once you know the instrument you want to learn, the next hardest part is mastering your patience. Learning music requires dedicating plenty of time to practice. If you expect to become an expert overnight, you’ll be severely disappointed. Understand that practicing music requires your brain to work harder, as you use your hands and various parts of your brain all at once. Because of the patience and dedication required, older students may actually be able to learn music more easily than younger peers. There are many instrument-learning apps available such as Uberchord and Simply Piano, or you can look to online courses.

Try Graphic Design

Graphic design is a great skill to have that is not only fun and creative but can be lucrative as well. Knowing basic Photoshop skills and how to create simple graphics can help boost the professionalism of anything you create. Format Magazine recommends checking out various free online courses to further hone your design skills. Many of these are offered by universities or other graphic design experts.

Learn At Your Pace, Enhance Your Career!

If you’ve considered pursuing an advanced degree but aren’t sure you’ll be able to keep up with the pace of full-time college, online degree programs offer the flexibility for you to set the pace of your learning. And there are programs for just about any industry: informational technology, business, accounting, teaching – you get it. The beauty of an online degree is having the ability to adjust your coursework to your schedule. If you end up with more time than you thought, you can accelerate, and if you get bogged down by other things, you can slow your pace. And once you finish, you’ll be positioned to not only get your foot in the door of employers, but also ace the interviews and launch your new dream job. 

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Get Crafty with Woodworking

Woodworking is something that many of us dabbled in during a single shop class in high school. However, learning how to work with wood can help you fix things around the house, enable you to create furniture like shelves and chairs, and even improve mental health. Much of the knowledge employed in woodworking can be picked up online from experts who are eager to share their experience. You can learn things like how to use various tools, the basics of measuring, and how to properly finish wood.

Become a Pro Dog Trainer

Learning dog training techniques will allow you to better tame your own pet, help out friends and family with their furry friends, or even make some side cash offering training sessions to clients. Many of the essential commands that dogs need to understand are fairly easy to teach if you have a solid grasp of behavior modification techniques. For the most part, dog training involves connecting signals or words to the dog’s natural behaviors. These connections are strengthened by rewards such as praise or clicking sounds.

Learn the Art of Self-Defense

Self-defense is a skill that can save your life one day. Plus, knowing how to defend yourself from a potential attacker can help you feel more at ease and confident when you’re walking around alone. Although self-defense is best practiced with a partner, you can learn many of the moves on your own by following lessons online or through apps.

Turn Your Social Media Addiction Into a Skill

Many people aren’t aware that social media is one of the strongest marketing tools available today. Reaching consumers is easier than ever before thanks to the prevalence of social media and online communities. If you love being on social media, you can turn that passion into a very desirable skill by learning the basics of social media marketing. It’s easy to find plenty of advice online as well as courses offered by successful entrepreneurs.

From learning the fine details of woodworking to the simplicity of making music, you’ll never regret your decision to learn a new skill. Whatever activity attracts you, take the time to indulge in it and learn how to improve. You’ll soon be able to use your new talent to help others, provide entertainment, and even make some extra money if you’re lucky!