10 Ways to Keep Working Out in Colder Weather

Are you the type of exerciser who loves to workout in summer, when the sun is shining, the weather nice, and the list goes on?  How do you keep working out when the weather turns colder? Here’s 10 ideas of activities to keep you on track this winter.

  1. Re-evaluate your goal. Is it still what you are working toward?
  2. Put your workouts in your calendar
  3. Create a visual representation of your goal. Write it down, cut out pictures and make a goal sheet, anything that will help you “see” your goal.
  4. Find a workout buddy
  5. Consider joining an exercise class
  6. Is your workout in need of more introspection? Try a yoga class
  7. Opposite to 6 – do you need to pump it up more? Try adding intensity to your workouts.
  8. Do you need to change the time of your workout? This time of year evening and morning workouts may be too dark for you. Consider a lunch workout instead.
  9. Try circuit training – get your cardio and strength in at one time allowing you to workout for a shorter period of time.
  10. Start an exercise journal to help you see how successful you are when you workout regularly.