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22 push-ups to start your conference breakout session! WTF!?!??!

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The session starts just like all the others – you settle in, getting ready to take notes, not making eye contact with too many people, staking your energetic space, and wondering if you’ll have to pee 1/2 through “am I close enough to the door?”

When the door closes, I decide I am close enough to the door to pee if I need to and I relax into anticipatory excitement to learn. Then Chris begins to explain how he starts all his groups. WAIT!? Did I hear him right? In my business clothes, at a criminal justice conference, he’s going to have me do 22 push ups? In unison, with a group countdown! 

Gotta love it when the presenter of your session is a USMC vet and a Crossfit gym owner!

Thank you Chris Cater of Veterans Overcoming Obstacles for making sure my body was warmer than the room’s air conditioner AND that my mind was ready to learn. Love hearing stories of exercise as a healing agent for mental health, PTSD, and stopping death by suicide. Thank you for your great work!!!

Want more info on this great program and meet these tough athletes, visit VO2 and see how this program is saving the lives of our veterans everyday. Gotta love the power of exercise to heal our mind.

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