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Clients show up in my office feeling lost and lackluster even though they have many things to be happy and grateful about. If you follow the prescribed path laid out by your guru leader, culture, and society you will eventually fall flat. In this blog, I will go through how YOU can find meaning in your life and #findyourhappy.

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You cannot find meaning in your life by following someone else’s formula.

The only way to find that effervescent joy you see others achieving is to open to the truth inside you. 

First | Break out of our “Boxes”

This is hard and many feel overwhelmed focusing on what brings them meaning in their lives. So many of us were shamed for the deepest essence of who we are. We were but in boxes and told:

  • “your a girl”
  • “you want too much”
  • “your different from us”
  • “you can’t do those things”
  • “boy’s aren’t sensitive”
  • The list goes on and on

Most of us were told our value was getting a good job, into that school, getting married to the right person, and having children, which meant the meaning of our life was what our community saw as valuable and available to “people like us”.

We learned early to turn off our internal barometer in favor of other people’s opinions. It was easier to find accolades and acceptance when we did as we were told. 

Second | Following your own TRUTH

In my experience when we follow our personal truth toward meaning, we create, deeply from that violet light inside ourselves, a sense of belonging, being lovable, and enough. We will never have these if we aren’t looking internal for our sense of true north. 

Each of our true north coordinates is different. Each of us has value, and each of us has worth.

Your first task is to learn to recognize your experience of openness and expansion. 

These are your signals to finding your own inner peace and establishing a sense of what is good for you. Flexibility, openness, and expansion are signs of health and well-being. We are looking for these when we want to create lives full of meaning. 

Third | Finding your “Happy”

To get started think of a time you were doing something you truly loved, just because you love doing it. It could be:

  • Cooking
  • Hiking
  • Watching TV
  • It could be anything you truly love doing!

Just make sure it is not something you love because you are “supposed to do it, like it, or want it.”

Make sure it is not:

  • Something you love just for secondary rewards, like compliments or having someone else approve of you.
  • Something that just feels good because you are numbing out. 

When you have a memory of those things you did because you loved them and they created a sense of openness and expansion within you, notice how it feels in your body. Take a moment right now to feel the lightness, the ease, the fun. This activity is about noticing how you experience these feelings. 

I know learning to pay attention to your somatic experience can be difficult. If this is hard for you check out some of the other articles or guided videos on my YouTube channel to learn more about how to experience embodiment.

This embodied experience of openness and expansion is the experience of purpose and meaning. Following these feelings when you are participating in your life will bring you a life full of purpose and meaning. 

Fourth | Live the Life you WANT and find meaning in your life

This is your road map to living the life you want with intention. It is about what is good and wanted in your life. And doing things that bring your unique gifts into the world. These feelings of openness and expansion are your marker for following your own path. It is the lantern that shows you your way. Following this light is how you build the life you want. And live your life on purpose

Find purpose and meaning in your life

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