Hunting Workout Ideas

Are you a hunter? Do you love spending the day wandering the woods, being observant of your surroundings, listening for anything that might be moving around you? Hunting is a physical activity and you could train for it – making it safer and more enjoyable.

If we think about hunting like we do sports we just begin to break the activity down into its smallest parts. First, lets concentrate on walking. Many hunters walk long distances when they hunt but not in the rest of their life. On top of that they carry extra weight in their gun, packs, and clothing. If you live where I do you’re hauling that extra weight up and down steep rocks, mountains, and trails. All this combines to make your hunting more strenuous than your daily life which could result in you not getting the best results.

Second, consider the length of time you will be moving to hunt. Many people who hunt take whole days or weeks to accomplish their task. It may be one of the most enjoyable times because you are actually spending time slowing down, away from technology (for the most part), and just being. However, just the simple number of hours you’ll be walking, climbing, and moving can be a big change over your daily life. This means you’ll need more endurance than normal life asks you to have.

In both situations you can become a better hunter, find more enjoyment, and keep injury at bay if you do some pre-season training. Begin by trying to get regular exercise in, especially walking for periods of time. In addition, strength training will come in handy when you have to cart around extra pounds, climbing trees, and hauling out your rewards.