Picking Active Hobbies

Just like we talked about in the vacation workout post, becoming a healthy lifestyle person requires that you do active things. As you shift your thinking and behavior from “exercise is something I have to do” or “something separate from the rest of my life” you begin to embrace activity as a part of who you are.

Consider your favorite hobbies – what do you love doing? Is it time to revamp them to add in more activity? It might be simple like walking more when you can, taking the stairs, parking at the furthest part of the parking lot and walking in, etc. It might take a little more creativity. If you love watching TV you might have to make a commitment to doing activity during every commercial or between every episode on your Netflix binge.

Today take a look around your life and see where you can create more active hobbies. Start with the current things you love to do. As you become more active you may find that you want to seek out clubs and groups focused on activity – think running clubs, hiking groups, photography groups, water sports, event training classes, etc. See what you find and enjoy!