Sleep Is Spiritual

In our quest for good sleep and our worry that we won’t find it, we often overlook our spiritual resource

Have you ever thought of using your sleep to help your spiritual growth? Sleep is a time when our conscious minds turn off, at least the time when we are really asleep. However, our subconscious does not sleep in the same way. It keeps going under the surface and continues to find, organize, categorize, and set us up for the next day. With this powerful tool, it’s time to use your sleep to program your best life ever.

Before going to bed tonight … ask for guidance. You can ask from whatever you believe in. Believe it’s all biology, then ask your own cellular wisdom to direct you. Ask for guidance without need to figure anything out, solve the problem, or create a plan. Ask for guidance to sleep deep and restful, then give thanks for the deep restful sleep you are about to have. Give thanks as though you have already had a great night’s sleep. As you say thanks feel how great you are going to feel in the morning, the ease of clarity you are going to have, and the peace you experience just because you slept well. As you begin to drift off dream about the things you want to accomplish in your life. See yourself having them, participating with them, and feel how good it feels to have gotten them.

All of this sets your subconscious mind up to tap the deeper resources you have and help you take one more step in the direction you want to go on your personal path.

Dream well.