5 Steps To Creating Your Own Time


woman jogging

I’m back on-line after a computer fix and a vacation. As I was thinking about this unexpected break earlier today I contemplated the beauty of finding our own time rhythm. Rather than being a slave to another person’s time needs what if you followed your own? Now, I would bet you are thinking no way – it can’t happen. But think about these 5 steps and see what comes up.

1) What is your natural rhythm? Are you an early bird or a night owl?
2) If given the opportunity when would you schedule work, household chores, leisure time, and exercise?
3) Do you prefer fast or slow pace to your day?
4) Can you be realistic about what you pack into your day? i.e. Many of us put as much as we can on our to do list but never get it done.
5) Are you willing to delegate and let some things go?

Think about the above ideas and see what comes up for you. For many of us we have been conditioned to think that frantically busy means we are important, taking care of everyone else’s needs first means we are not selfish, or we must produce to be worth anything. I invite you to evaluate how you feel about those concepts, as well as, how you might be able to live more according to your natural rhythm. Begin today. Enjoy