Muscle Soreness

Many of us have experienced muscle soreness at one time or another. Here are some things you can do to relieve muscle soreness after exercise so you can keep working out toward your goals!

Delayed onset muscle soreness is common after asking our bodies to do more than they are used to. Whether you were hiking through the forest, had a hard lifting session, or were touring while on vacation. The hard part of muscle soreness is it’s potential to derail your fitness goals.

Many get sore and give up – especially when the soreness is rather painful and sitting on the toilet is a constant reminder to ask yourself, ” Tell me again why I am doing this?”

Here are some things you can do to lessen or eliminate your soreness:

1) Take a long hot bath
2) Walk or move a bit and stretch
3) Ice
4) Rest that body part & workout another
5) Apply heat
6) Try yoga or another stretching type activity

Don’t forget regular exercise and flexibility training are important parts of your fitness routine so don’t let muscle soreness keep you from reaching your fitness!