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The Power Of Protein – Good Protein Sources: Eating A Balanced Diet

By Diet2 min read

Protein is what your body uses to build muscle among other things. Another needed source of fuel, protein can help you feel full longer. This means that eating foods high in protein, usually means you won’t eat as much.

Snacks such as; apples with peanut butter, cheese and crackers, cottage cheese and a fruit or vegetable can go a long way helping you reach your nutrition needs and keep your hunger at bay. Protein is especially important if you are trying to gain weight or muscle mass. If you are considering supplementing protein, read labels and research companies as many have long ingredient lists which may contain items you don’t want to be eating.

It is also important to understand how much protein you really need. The RDA recommends .8g/kg of body weight. If you are an active person you may want to pump that up to 1.2-1.8g/kg of body weight. Many people think they need a bunch of protein especially if they are looking to build mass, however the body only uses what it can so supplementing too much protein for your activity level will just result in excreting the extra, so that expensive supplement becomes very expensive pee. You also need to be cautious of too much protein because it can cause problems and place your kidneys under stress to rid the body of toxic ketones. As the kidneys do their work you risk dehydration because the body will need more water to do this.

Protein is needed for many body functions and is an important part of a balanced diet. Take care to get your protein from good nutrient dense sources and be aware of consuming too much.