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Ever had that feeling at work when you feel on fire with ideas and things are bouncing so fast between you and your co-workers it is electrifying? You get sweaty, your pen runs out of ink, it feels like you have burnt through the pages in your notebook? Want more of those days? You have to create the creative space to get that going.

First, you have to have space. Creativity will not find its way to you if your day is too full of busywork, other people’s ideas and stories, or mental chatter around what is wrong with you (or everyone else). There will be no space for you to have an intuitive thought. So cultivate a work space that allows for staring into space sometimes. Practice meditation or deep breathing to help you slow down your brain so you have space for a new idea. It helps to get up and move every 50 minutes to an hour for 5-10 minutes. It is natural for your brain to need a attention break and this allows you to take it while engaging the rest of the body. Gives the brain other things to focus on … often a precursor to having a good idea. Ever lost something only to find it when you focus on something else? Same concept do not try too hard, allow your brain a break and see what creative thought crosses your mind next.

Next find some inspiring things. I like architecture pictures and books. So I have these around my spaces. They allow me a smile when I look at them. They also offer an opportunity to observe and notice connections I may not have seen at first. Thus giving me something to put together or build upon. It brings me joy and excitement to see something interesting and new, even if it is not my area of expertise. Put items you like in spaces so you can see them during your work day. This way you will find inspiration in your joy of these items you love. As you find inspiration, you find motivation. The inspiration helps cultivate ideas because you are in a state of flow, the motivation helps you act on them.

Finally, stay away from things that steal your creativity. Things like social media, TV, low self regulation, and negative people can rob you of your creativity by feeding you others’ stories and low energy. As you peruse their stories you forget your own. Now before you say … but Pinterest … know that you may find inspiration in each of the above, just make sure you are not sacrificing your own creativity to look at someone else’s. In addition, if you have not eaten well, slept well, done some movement, or drunk enough water you will not be in a place to think creatively. Make sure to take care of you so you are ready for ideas to flow and you have the endurance to enjoy the brainstorming session.

Today I had a couple of fantastic gatherings with collaborators and connections that really helped get my creativity flowing and projects outlined. I got to live in that sweet space of creating and planning, allowing for inspiration and outlines. It is one of my favorite spots to hang out, and I am sure glad I was ready for that kind of idea flinging this afternoon. I hope you have as much fun at your next creative session.