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Exercises To Do When You Have Kids

mother, father and daughter on a blue racetrack

Any of them! No seriously I know having kids and dogs and parents and a job and … the list could go on can get overwhelming and make it really really really hard to fit everything into your schedule. However – If you don’t make time to fit fitness in – Nothing else will fit!
It is important that you take time for you. The better health and wellness you have the more able you are to take care of those around you. Here are some ideas to help you find time for fitness in your schedule.

First, take a hard look at what you are doing, when, and why. Cross of anything you feel is a drain on you. This doesn’t mean you have eliminate it totally. Its just a starting point.

Next look for crossed out items from above and see which ones really can be eliminated. Many times we are doing things just because we always have. Now is the time to examine if these are still things that need to be done. For example, I am still washing, drying, folding, and putting away Johnny’s socks and underware – and Johnny is 16 yrs old. Johnny could be doing that on his own, not to mention the favor you’d be doing his future partner by teaching Johnny to care for his own clothing.

Finally, look at the crossed items that you can’t eliminate but that you could share. Like cooking dinner, changing sheets, typing certain reports, childcare, parent care, puppy care, taxi-ing your family and friends, or hours spent gossiping around the break room at work. Gossip while walking or over lunch instead. Many have trouble asking for help and believe the busier and more stressed we are the more important we are. Is that really true? NOPE – we are just more busy and more stressed and did I mention more busy. Doesn’t mean we are getting any more done.

For some the above ideas will seem like an impossible task. But I challenge you to live your life for you. Place the word want to into your time commitments and if it doesn’t seem to fit and causes possible vomit – its time to revamp your time!