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Wanna Change? Planning Makes A Difference

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When changing a habit it is important to plan. As you look at your schedule it is important to “schedule” your workouts just like you would any other appointment. Pack your gym bag the night before: put your shoes, clothing, water bottle, hair ties, iPod, earphones, towel, etc. in the bag and place the bag in your car, near the door, with other items you will be taking with you. This sets you up to follow through on your plan and help you eliminate obstacles that could sidetrack you from your daily goal. The trick is to pick your goal, break it down into small simple steps, and then follow through on those steps.

How will you change your daily routine and implement your new plans so you succeed?

Personally for me, I make sure to have all my gear ready to go and easy to pack – Like K bandsshoes, and a good towel. These make it easy for me to get started and get back to work over my lunch hour.

Now I might have you thinking … WHAT you are able to fit this in over the lunch hour?!?!? If you are still wondering about timing or not sure how to get your workouts to fit into your day, check out this article on Fitting Your Workout Around Your Day.