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Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind

By Acceptance, Love1 min read

I saw these three words on a tapestry hanging in a local store one day. We walked in, myself and my three children and I stopped looked twice and thought that is it! These are the rules we need to live by. I stopped the kids and had them read our “new family rules”. And you know what? Home life has gotten easier when living by these three words.

Many people think being kind to other people is about the other person. They aren’t wrong, but more than being about the other person it really helps you in the end. By doing acts of random kindness, anything from a smile, picking up a dropped item, to giving up a seat on the bus helps you.

As you attempt kindness towards another person you are more aware of kindness directed at you as well. As you find yourself more cared for by others your self-worth rises. As your self-worth rises you take better care of yourself and you give more care to those around you, even strangers. The cycle continues. And this is before we get into the bio-chemical reactions that take place when you feel good because you helped someone out.

So today find a way to Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind.